For most people catching a “Grander,” a fish weighing over 1,000 pounds (453.6kg), is a once in a lifetime achievement – but the 1,075 pound Pacific Blue Marlin caught by angler Brent Nelson during the 2015 Kona, Hawaii TART Competition was Grander number 18 for Northern Lights II’s Captain Kevin Nakamaru. Nelson caught the MONSTER on August 19, 2015 insuring his 1st place finish in the annual Tag and Release Tournament started 25 years ago by Days of Our Lives Executive Producer, Ken Corday.

Catching a Grander is an awesome fete, but clinching Big Game Fishing’s Triple Crown is even more impressive. Earning the Triple Crown means weighing-in a Grander in each of three species – a Pacific Blue Marlin, an Atlantic Blue Marlin, and a Black Marlin. Captain Nakamaru is the only person in the world who has won the Triple Crown, not once, but twice.

The August 1075 pound (487.6kg) Grander was the 3rd 1000+ pound fish caught in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 2015. Nelson battled the fish for an hour and a half in the Kaloko fishing grounds close to Honokohau Harbor before landing the fish on the Northern Lights II at 2:00PM. Mates Mat Bowman and Kyle Vannatta handled wire and gaff. Captain Nakamaru selected the black Koya Mahalo Tube lure and single rig Jobu hook that the huge fish found irresistible.

The Northern Lights II is a 47’ (14.3m) Buddy Davis. It was one of 5 boats competing in the August competition, along with Capt. McGrew Rice on the Ihu Nui, Captain Bill Casey on the Pacific Blue, Captain Jeff Fay on the Humdinger, and Captain Bill “BC” Crawford on the Chiripa.

More Information
3rd Kona Grander - Aug. 19, 2015
Boat N. Lights II - 47 Buddy Davis
Captain Kevin Namamaru
Mates Kyle Vannatta & Mat Bowman
Angler Brent Nelson
Weight 1,075 lb - 487.60 kg
Short M 143 in - 363.20 cm
Girth 77 in - 195.58 cm
Tail 20.50 in - 52.01 cm
Hook-Up 2:00 PM
Time 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Location Kaloko
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Phone 808-960-1549
eMail kevin@
Location Honokohau Harbor
Map Slip I-40 B-Dock
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